The Keystone Retaining Wall System is the pioneering and original segmented retaining wall system introduced in Malaysia in 1992.

With the patented pin connection system, and Integrated Brickworks quality manufacturing process, keystone has led the way for segmental retaining walls and is the industry benchmark.

The Keystone Standard is an American Original. What started the industry is still the industry leader. Its height-to depth ratio delivers a structurally sound, engineered wall system with superior construction stability, durability and strength. The choice for tall walls and critical structures. Choose between the classic straight face or a curving three plane split face. Also, our Pinned System units are interchangeable - colors, size and faces can be coordinated to create a unique architectural finish.

The Keystone Compac is the perfect choice where deep embedment length of the Standard unit is not required. An installer's favorite, its lighter weight and shorter tail design makes it easy to handle for smaller walls.

The Keystone Mini is a great solution for smaller, non-critical applications. It is easy to handle and easy to install making for an attractive wall on its own or as an accent when integrated with the 8" high Standard and Compac Units.

The Pinned System is easy to install through a patented fiberglass connector pin providing additional shear strength. And because the Pinned System can be used with reinforcement, it is appropriate for tall walls, short walls, critical and non-critical structures.

Variety and Color

The Pinned System is also appropriate for angles and corners or for tiered walls to add dimension to a house that sits on a hill. Retaining walls using the Pinned System can incorporate a pattern by varying colors, faces and sizes of blocks. (Top photo)


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